"In this world nothing can be said to be certain,
except death and taxes!"

Benjamin Franklin

You can run, but you cannot hide. If you have delinquent taxes the IRS will find you, and it’s not a matter of IF, it is WHEN. Procrastinating will only make matters worse. The IRS can empty your bank accounts with bank levies and take the better part of your paycheck by garnishing your wages! Not even bankruptcy will save you…and life will become unbearable.

But you can avoid this!


You have options:

1 You can always hire an expensive accountant or tax attorney and wait in a long line for a tax resolution while your taxes and penalties continue to rise. OR…

2 You can take matters into your own hands and resolve your tax problems today. You’re in control with EZTaX Solver™ software. EZTAX Solver is the FIRST and ONLY DIY Tax Repayment Software in the market specifically designed for tax debtors! EZTaX Solver software provides the lowest possible IRS tax payment outcomes.

Payroll Levy – Wage Garnishment

December 21, 2020

Help Me

December 21, 2020

Bank Levy

December 21, 2020

Currently not collectible

Currently Not Collectible

December 21, 2020


December 21, 2020

Installment Agreements

December 21, 2020


December 21, 2020

Offer In Compromise (OIC)

December 21, 2020

Achieve best results for less… in record time!

EZTaX Solver is the FIRST and ONLY DIY Tax Repayment Software specifically designed to provide the best possible outcomes the IRS will accept.  Once you’ve input your financial data the software calculates an immediate plan for you.  No waiting in line.  No turnaround time with a tax firm. The software ensures an affordable and effective tax repayment program.

We Are Leading Edge!

With more than 30 years of tax industry experience, we have developed a proprietary Tax Repayment Software program that saves taxpayers both time and money. We ensure the lowest possible outcomes accepted by the IRS!

Under $10K IRS debt, no problem!

Unlike most tax resolution firms who do not work with individuals who have less than a $10,000 debt, EZTaX Solver software will help you no matter what your debt to the IRS is, large or small!

Fast and easy

Our experience working in the tax resolution arena for over 25 year has inspired and perfected EZTaX Solver software’s proprietary algorithms, enabling you to reach a faster, more reliable and more cost effective tax repayment plan than any tax resolution company.


EZTX is owned by a brilliant technology engineer and a nationally known top Tax Attorney who bring over 30 years of tax law experience to the company and is an expert in providing legal counsel and litigation support.

Other Services Expertise

1. IRS Tax Negotiation
2. Partial Pay Agreements
3. Currently Not Collectible
4. Fresh Start Agreements
5. Non-Streamline Agreements (up to $250K)
6. Audit Representation
7. Appeals Representation
8. IRS Letters
9. Wage Garnishment release
10. Levy release
11. Revenue Officer Representation
12. Offer in Compromise

Easy, intuitive, comprehensive, user friendly AVAILABLE SOON

EZTaX Solver software

EZTaX Solver software (patent pending) is a revolutionary, comprehensive software program that does all the calculating (based on your input) and form preparation so you will reap the benefits of the lowest possible and accurate outcome for an IRS payment program to help resolve, reduce and, in some cases, even eliminate your tax debt.


Just as the tax preparation software programs today had revolutionized the industry from an accountant based paradise for “tax preparation” to an easy do-it-yourself fill in the blank software program, so too does EZTaX Solver software aid in a “tax delinquency preparation and resolution” negotiations. Our extensive background code incorporates tax loop holes and calculations, “the secret sauce” the IRS never reveals to you. With our years of IRS negotiations and knowledge of tax law you get all of the tax knowledge computations using the EZTaX Solver Software.


EZTX, the creators of EZTaX Solver software is an innovative, financial technology company. Our focus is to create software programs that are efficient, affordable and cost effective to resolve your tax delinquency problems. EZTX brought years of tax consulting and IRS negotiating from what was a consulting business model and created this innovative software. EZTX has leveled the playing field with the IRS by providing decades of tax expertise in a simple, step-by-step, guided software program.

Total dollars EZTX has saved clients
Number of new delinquent tax payers annually
Total delinquent dollars owed the IRS for 2019

EZTX Helped me with the IRS. An outstanding tax bill was hanging over my head, and I couldn't afford a lawyer. EZTaX Solver was affordable and easy. The program got me to a resolution I could live with.

Theresa L.San Jose, CA

EZTaX Solver got me out of a real jam with the IRS. My wages were being withheld and I had to act fast. Working at my own pace, I got a plan set up quicker than working with an expensive tax firm.

Christopher G.Louisville, Ky

EZTaX Solver is a miracle worker! Thank you so much for solving my tax issues. It made working out complex tax issues rather “fun” if such a thing can be said, and I have learned a lot in the process. I feel like I am off to a fantastic start in 2021, thanks to the guidance and depth of knowledge about taxes and the law. I appreciate your help so much!

Jody F.Los Angeles, CA

I feel like the weight of the world is finally off my back! Thank you EZTaX Solver for helping me get a new lease on life. I have a tax payment plan I can live with and I'm proud to say I did it myself. It couldn't have been easier or less expensive.

Allen D.Austin, TX

4 Easy Steps:

Your honest and integral participation is key to the success of your IRS resolution outcome. Now you’re ready to contact and negotiate with the IRS, or you can contact one of our negotiators at a reduced fee.