How to get a Bank Levy released

The IRS can send a levy electronically through the IRS Automated Collection System and legally seize up to 100% of the money in your account to satisfy unpaid tax debt. This levy puts a hold on your bank account for 21 days so that you cannot spend the money; however your bank must withhold the money from your account for 21 days before the funds can be released to the IRS. If this occurs you must immediately contact us to secure release of the levy before the end of the 21 day period, in order to release the bank levy the delinquent taxpayer must demonstrate financial hardship. Documents showing and proving a hardship include: medical conditions or health problems severe enough to preclude work, eviction notices, orders to shut off utilities, past due notices. 

How to get Currently Not Collectible status

Currently Not Collectible status isa tax resolution method whereby a delinquent taxpayer will not be required to pay any money to the IRS if the taxpayer’s allowable expenses are greater than his/her income. We have the ability to secure Currently Not Collectible status for our clients but we will require accurate income and expenses information. Please look at the below List of Expenses for Tax Relief and contact us to determine if you qualify for Currently Not Collectible Status.

How to get your Wage Garnishment (Payroll Levy) released

Call us immediately if your employer received a notice to garnish your ages by the IRS! The IRS can legally take up to 85% of your paycheck! 

You must call us immediately so we can stop the garnishment before it takes effect. Please gather the amounts of your expenses listed below, We can secure a negotiated Installment Agreement and help you avoid having your wages garnished and your paycheck massively reduced. 

List of Expenses

Complete the below list of monthly expenses:

A. Rent of Mortgage_________________

    Real Estate Taxes per Year_________________

    Home owner or renter’s insurance_________________

    Home Owner Assocaiation/Fees_________________

B. Car payment________________

    Spouse’s car payment________________

    Car(s) Insurance________________

    Car(s) Maintenance and repairs________________

C. Home phone_____________

    Cell phone_____________



D. Electric______________



    Trash removal______________

E. Health Insurance______________

    Out of pocket health care______________ (co-pays at Doctor’s office, Hospital, Pharmacy)

F. Life Insurance______________

G. Alimony______________

    Child Care______________

    Student Loans______________

    Court mandated payments______________

H. State taxes_____________(if applicable, N/A in AK, FL, NV, SD, TX, WA, WY)

Documents needed for tax relief:

1. Most recent IRS tax notices for each tax year owed

2. Most recently filed tax return

3. Copy of most recent pay stub for yourself and your spouse. If you no longer have your pay stubs or have misplaced them, please ask your payroll department for a copy or a year to date statement.

4. Copies of the last three months bank statements for proof of the expenses you pay monthly