Payroll Levy – Wage Garnishment

Why did I only get 15% of my paycheck?

IRS notices have been ignored for a long time and delinquent taxpayers hope the problem will just go away or stay unnoticed but this doesn’t work for too long! The IRS enjoys getting a delinquent taxpayer’s attention and his money with a wage levy, leaving the hapless taxpayer a meager portion of his/her paycheck; The IRS can legally take up to 85% of a taxpayer’s net earnings.

Conditions for a Wage Levy Release

All previous years tax returns must have been filed and posted. Missing returns must be prepared and filed.

Often times the IRS will file for a taxpayer who is not current on his filings; these returns are called SFR, “Substitute for Return”. A proper return can be filed in lieu of the IRS prepared SFR which ignores any and all deductions.

Filing proper returns reduces the tax debt substantially in most cases.

A payment “Installment Agreement” must be negotiated based on “Disposable Income” a number determined by allowable expenses and net income of the delinquent taxpayer. We will always calculate the lowest possible number that the IRS must accept. Our proprietary process levels the playing field with the IRS in favor of the delinquent taxpayer and will determine the fastest and least expensive way to secure a payroll levy release.

In some instances there may not be any “Disposable Income” left; in this instance a delinquent taxpayer will qualify for Currently Not Collectible status.